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Sauk Provides Resources To Help Students Succeed!

Sauk Valley Community College provides a comprehensive program of student services that are all designed to help a student succeed in college. Trust us, we know college is tough and we are here to help you! And

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

There are two required classes for the CNA program. NRS 101 Basic Nursing Assistant is an introduction of theory and practice necessary to meet patient needs. Clinical experience is included at a long-term care facility. NRS 103

Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Students in Computer Information Systems (CIS) can focus on business-related computing (Microcomputer Applications Specialist certificates and degree), networking hardware (Networking Professional and Networking Associate certificates and degrees), or networking software (Windows Server). Students can earn a 16-credit

Additional Career & Technical Programs at Sauk

Sauk provides over 70 degree and certificate programs that can get you job-ready in as little as 16 weeks. Below is some information on our career programs. If you would like additional information, visit us at

Not Rich, Just Smart

Nationally about 41 percent of all students get their education at community colleges. While starting at SVCC has always been a smart move, in today’s uncertain economy, it makes even more sense. Consider this: Tuition at SVCC